Factory Authorized Dealer and Service Center
for ProdecoTech Electric Bikes

About Rider Performance

Rider Performance was started in 2003 as a Motorcycle Safety Foundation™ certified rider training site provider, serving the region north of Daytona Beach, FL. The goal of the Rider Performance Group is to bring quality, leading edge products and services to the two wheel outdoor enthusiast. With the recent innovations in battery technology and the huge growth in electric bike availability, the time has come for Rider Performance to be your source for electric bikes, service, and support. We are proud to have been chosen as a ProdecoTech Factory Authorized Dealer, and urge you to check out this quality machine, backed by a quality program and company, all for a great price! They know how to do it!

Why We Chose ProdecoTech Electric Bikes

30-50% Lower Prices
The pricing of the ProdecoTech line of electric bicycles was one of the top three main aspects during the design phase. Pricing followed “Quality” being number one and “Ease of Service” number two. ProdecoTech has eliminated all center channels of component and material procurement and combined this with efficient USA assembly and extensive quality control. With these factors in place and 21st Century corporate effectiveness, this has allowed their  electric bicycles to be priced up to 50% lower than their competitors. We call that the "sweet spot"!

Built in the USA
All ProdecoTech electric bicycles are “Built in the USA”. What does this mean for the consumer? Over the past five years with the growing market in ebikes and with multiple companies’ entrance into the industry, several assembly quality issues have caused frustrating experiences for the Independent Bicycle Shops and Individual Ebike Riders. Prodeco has insisted from day one that all electric bicycles be designed, tested, prototyped, produced, and be fully assembled in the USA. This includes final quality control.

Higher Quality Components
ProdecoTech’s number one belief is that electric bicycles should only be conceived from the highest quality of components. An additional area of frustration to Independent Bicycle Shops and Ebike Riders has been the current mixture of poor quality components blended within many manufacturers’ ebikes. ProdecoTech felt this was another area the new G+ Series of electric bicycles could outclass. All ProdecoTech electric bicycles are only manufactured of the highest quality components with a consistent level front to back, allowing for a full two-year warranty.

Simplified Plug N’ Play Connecting
Ease of servicing has been a hot topic on the forums for ebikes. Words such as “nightmare”, “frightened”, “concerned”, “worried” have all been associated with the current servicing issues related to many manufacturer’s ebikes, and one of the number one reasons so many IBDs do not offer ebikes. ProdecoTech has eliminated this dissatisfaction with a “Plug N’ Play” connecting system. A motor wheel can be changed in less than one minute, and a controller can be changed in two minutes, with simplified specific connections.

LiFEPO4 Advanced Battery System
Lithium Ion batteries are the only choice for ProdecoTech’s electric bicycles. Sealed Lead Acid “SLA” makes zero sense in regards to an ebike. Lithium Ion batteries however are not all the same. Where most Lithium batteries are superior to SLA or Nickel batteries, there are still various formats such as Manganese, Cobalt and Polymer which are fast becoming old technology with poor 500-800 charge cycle lives and susceptible to warm environments. LiFePO4 batteries are the forefront in technology with 2000+ cycles, highest stability and no downside.

ProdecoTech has acknowledge the majority of riders in the USA prefer to control the power associated with their ebike after spending three years in a profound R & D phase. Riders may prefer pedaling un-assisted and throttle power at an incline. Some riders prefer not pedaling to work and have full assist to arrive fresh and dry; yet, afterwards pedal home unassisted for exercise. Variable throttles allow full control of the ebikes power and do not surge upon pedaling. Throttles are standard features but a “zero cost” option for pedal assist is available.

Attention to the Details
Quality, Service and Price are the top three subjects of design for the ProdecoTech electric bicycles. Every major feature of ProdecoTech’s electric bicycle including the minor ones such as quick disconnects, sealed bearings, headset cartridge bearings, quick releases, freehub body hubs, alloy chain guards, use of chain-ring bolts, braided brake cables, and so much more were all attributed to the ProdecoTech foundation of “Attention to the Details”.

Financial Stability
“Come and Go” seems to be a phrase often associated with new companies entering an industry and the ebike industry has seen its’ fair share. Besides lack of innovation and poor quality, capital has become one of the number one reasons for the demise of so many who falter. ProdecoTech has full commitment from the principals and a group of substantiated investors to fulfill all aspects associated with becoming one of the leaders in the electric bicycle industry worldwide.

Product Liability Insurance
Surprisingly, many electric bicycle manufacturers do not hold full product liability insurance policies due to the difficulty to obtain such a policy or the high costs involved. All manufacturers and their dealers prefer not to draw on such a policy; however, in today’s environment, it has become a necessity.
ProdecoTech holds a multi-million dollar product liability insurance policy for all models offered. Product Liability is a key component in the manufacturing process today. ProdecoTech and their dealers are covered.

Two-Year Front to Back Warranty
Electric bicycles are substantial purchases for some, and with ProdecoTech’s two-year front to back parts warranty including 100% battery replacement (no pro-rating) dealers can be assured their customers will be fully protected. All components are fully guaranteed against any defects for two years. Motors are warranted as full wheel replacements including spokes, nipples and rims and ship fully assembled and balanced for a one-minute swap with the incorporated Quick Disconnect.

Nationwide Service Network
ProdecoTech has been developing a nationwide dealer network with service centers in most major cities. With any issue usually never requiring more than a five-minute phone call, and parts replacements shipped within 24 hours, service centers for many riders will be considered a highlight. ProdecoTech will assist any rider/owner with a service issue if a local dealer is not available, and in most cases, ProdecoTech will contact a local IBD shop for assisting a customer.

Nationwide IN STOCK 24-Hour Parts Replacement
The added benefit of “Built in the USA” for ProdecoTech’s dealers and customers is a continuous 100% in stock at all times part replacement system. Prodeco maintains a complete electronic database of all models components with 100% on the shelf availability. Parts replacement is never an issue with extensive inventory on hand at all times. An added benefit to dealers and service centers is the ability to purchase ProdecoTech components at below industry wholesale pricing. ProdecoTech component prices are considered some of the lowest in the nation.

Industry Standard Measurements
ProdecoTech, throughout the design phase, made certain that all the latest in industry standard measurements were adhered to. Examples are the 135mm wide rear axles for the 26” series, 31.8mm stems and handlebars, 27.2mm seat posts, 44mm ID integrated headsets, 20” or 26” tires and tubes, 1-1/8” steerer tubes, 68mm BSA English Bottom Brackets and more. Prodeco maintains industry component measurements to allow dealers and customers to exchange "off the shelf components" for easy customization and fit. Make it YOUR BIKE!